SWCD Board

SWCD Board

SWCD Board


Darryl Ricketts, Kris Young, Craig Pohlman,

Dave Kemler, Dick Rice

The SWCD is governed by a five member, publicly elected Board of Supervisors.  They are elected to a three year term with no limits.

SWCD Staff

SWCD Board

SWCD Board


Tammy Campbell, Education Coordinator; Julie Buggle, Office Manager, Seth Owens, District Technician

NRCS Staff

SWCD Board

NRCS Staff


Noel Morris, Soil Conservation Tech, Ken Kottenbrock, District Conservationist, Tinina Hale, Civil Engineer

NRCS Staff



Contact Us

Telephone Number

419 238-9591 ext. 3


Direct telephone number:

(567) 259 - (extension number)

Extension Numbers are:

Julie        4253                       Ken       4259

Seth        4261                       Noel     4263

Tammy  4273                       Tinina  4260

                                                Jack      4254