SWCD Board

Kris Young, Dick Rice, Craig Pohlman,

Dave Kemler, Darryl Ricketts

The SWCD is governed by a five member, publicly elected Board of Supervisors.  They are elected to a three year term with no limits.

SWCD Staff


Tammy Campbell, Education Coordinator; Julie Buggle, Office Manager, Seth Owens, District Technician

NRCS Staff


Noel Morris, Soil Conservation Tech, Ken Kottenbrock, District Conservationist, Tinina Hale, Civil Engineer



Contact Us

Telephone Number

419 238-9591

Extension Numbers are:

Julie        4253                       Ken       4259

Seth        4261                       Noel     4263

Tammy  4273                       Tinina  4260

                                                Jack      4264