District Programs


Springtime means: Time for Manure Application Reminders

As the weather warms up and rainfall increases this time of year, it's time to remind producers and nutrient applicators of year-round laws and restrictions on manure application in the Western Lake Erie Basin.

  • When the local weather forecast for the application area contains a greater than 50% chance of precipitation exceeding 1/2 - inch in a 24 hour period.
  • Producers are responsible to research and make a copy of a local forecast or the 24-hour precipitation forecast.  Other verifiable sources of weather prediction are acceptable.
  • When the top 2 inches of the soil are saturated from precipitation; on snow-covered or frozen soil.

Restrictions do not apply if:

  • The manure is injected into the ground;
  • Manure is incorporated within 24 hours of surface application, using a tillage tool operated at a minimum depth of 3-4 inches;
  • The manure is applied onto a growing crop;
  • The Chief of the ODA, Division of Soil & Water Conservation has provided written consent for an emergency application. Contact the Division in case of an emergency.

Producers not in the WLEB are to use BMP's when applying manure and follow USDA/NRCS FIeld Office Technical Guide Standard 590.  Use the Ohio Applicator Forecast which gives substantial information when making nutrient application decisions.

Long Term Water Quality Study


Since 1989, water samples have been collected from Town Creek, area municipalities and rural wells on a regular basis. They are tested for nitrates, phosphates, and pesticides. 

The results show that Van Wert County is fortunate to have quality water available. Funding for this program has been provided by the Van Wert County Foundation and will ensure continued monitoring and protection of our water in the future.